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Garnet Wellness Sexual Wellness and Hormone Health

Issues related to sexuality and intimacy are common, yet can lead to feeling broken or losing connection with yourself or your partner. I provide a safe and supportive space for women, men and couples to find solutions to these concerns. My background in sexual medicine and sex counseling provides a unique approach as each alone is seldom sufficient to address the majority of sexual issues that people experience. 

Sexual issues can stem from hormones, musculoskeletal causes, skin conditions, childbirth, cancer treatment, or other causes. Many people see multiple providers before getting answers as sexual concerns are often misdiagnosed or not well understood.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people with sexual issues. I can help you identify and address causes, including how your hormones and life stage may be contributing. 


You deserve to feel your best. I’m tired of seeing women brushed off or told their symptoms are all in their head. Hormones are complicated, yet fascinating and important! You don’t have to suffer, there is no badge for suffering. We have safe, effective and evidence-based options to help with this. 

I’m a certified menopause specialist and will work with you to come up with a plan that is best for your phase of life. Properly managed hormones can be nothing short of life changing. 

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